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May 29, 2017

About the Product

  • BESTFACTOR Plus contains Premium Clinically Tested Ingredients like Wellmume, Unique Anti-bacterial Manuka Honey, Colostrum, plus Vitamis C, D, E and Zinc.
  • Laboratory Tested, Free of Artificial Flavors, Free of genetically modified organisms(GMO-free) and Gluten Free.
  • Helps overcome Respiratory Infections, Cold and Flu and ALLERGIES
  • ONLY 2-Softgels per-day, easy-to-swallow - Made in USA facilities registered and inspected by the FDA - GMP best quality standards - 60 Softgels bottle.

Product Information

BESTFACTOR NATURALLY PRIMES THE KEY IMMUNE CELLS to help you INCREASE HEALTH and WELLNESS, promotes HEALTHY ENERGY, VIGOR, MENTAL CLARITY and VITALITY in TIMES of STRESS - protects the body from infectious diseases - REDUCE FATIGUE - RELIEF ALLERGY SUFFERER - REDUCE RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS and IMPROVE ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE. BESTFACTOR PLUS is a special product, which CONTAINS INGREDIENTS like MANUKA HONEY extracted in New Zealand. Numerous studies show its ANTIBACTERIAL POWER making it unique. Manuka honey ACTS AS A NATURAL ANTIBIOTIC AS WELL AS ANTIMICROBIAL, ANTIVIRAL AND ANTIOXIDANT. BESTFACTOR PLUS also has COLOSTRUM. It is the first mammary secretion derived from mother to child, which is FULL OF IMMUNOGLOBULINS PROTEIN. Colostrum transmits the antibodies from mother to child. Through this way, with BESTFACTOR Plus, we're getting back this protection to INCREASE OUR IMMUNE RESPONSE, creating a BETTER BALANCE IN OUR HORMONAL and DIGESTIVE SYSTEM and INCREASING MUSCLE STRENGTH. Another important ingredient of BESTFACTOR PLUS is the WELLMUNE® which is a natural ingredient that is derived from a proprietary strain of yeast. Numerous HUMAN CLINICAL STUDIES with Wellmune demonstrate its ability to ALLEVIATE THE HARMFUL EFFECTS OF BOTH PHYSICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL STRESS. The Wellmune ASSIST ATHLETES EVERY STEP OF THE WAY BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER EXERCISE. By adding OTHER INGREDIENTS such as VITAMINS (C, D, E) and MINERALS(Zinc), BESTFACTOR PLUS makes a very effective supplement that COVERS A BROAD SPECTRUM, protecting and improving the health of their consumers with ONLY 2 SOFTGELS a day. SOFTGELS ARE THE BEST presentation in the market OFFERING BETTER AND FASTER ABSORPTION OF THE PRODUCT, which is made in USA facilities registered and inspected by the FDA, laboratory tested, free of artificial flavors, free of genetically modified organisms(GMO-free) and gluten free. BESTFACTOR PLUS ESTABLISHES A NEW LIFESTYLE BY PROMOTING HEALTH, PROTECTION, AND ACTIVITY.


BestFactor Plus Label

Product Details

Product Dimensions: 2.4 x 2.4 x 4.4 inches
Shipping Weight: 4 ounces
UPC: 867715000004


Doctors Recommend BESTFACTOR

  • "In my experience of over 40 years in medical practice, is very difficult to believe in natural product efficiency but today the abuse of the pharmacy and their side effects is undeniable, for that reason many medical conducts are moving to different directions.

  • Nutraceuticals can give us in many cases effectiveness with no side effects. BESTFACTOR is an essential product for weight control and Immune protection combating overweight, stress and the syndrome of chronic fatigue.

  • I recommend BF to patients and colleagues"

    Misael Prieto, M.D

Best Factor Reviews Best selling product of its class!

Based on over 1000 Ratings from Actual Customers
5 Star Excellence Award Winner

Customer Reviews

By Rick & Helen HR. on June 16, 2017

I have a really bad immune system. I don't even consider a sore throat, chesty cough or a full nose as an illness. These symptoms are visiting me very often. I also get seriously sick 2-3 times a year and none of the vitamins or supplements, which I had taken in the past, have worked. I have been taking Best Factor for a months now and what I can say is that it works! I haven't been sick once, although the weather wasn't the greatest for my health and I spent a lot of time with my collegues at work, who have had flue symptoms. It contains a great range of different minerals and vitamins which for the price is very good. I have been very satisfied with this product so far and would recommend to everyone to give it a try. I still have some softgels left but I bought another bottle today and will update review after a while! UPDATE: These softgels continue to do their work! I still feel much much better taking these immune booster. I now take one a day as a safeguard and I really do believe they're one of the best multivitamins available. It helps to improve my well being! Recommended!


By Jamie Warren on June 28, 2017

This supplement is pretty awesome. It has the benefits of traditional vitamins like Vit C, zinc etc as well as some added twists like colostrum and a proprietary ingredient Wellmune. This product is great at keeping you healthy and if you get a cold (like I did) it speeds up recovery time nicely. The pills are large, but smooth and easy to swallow. I'm a nursing mother and nothing in the ingredients gave me a red flag to not take it while nursing. Added bonus is a little extra energy. Definitely recommend.


By Family R & J on July 7, 2017

This product was exactly what I was looking for and needed. When you are constantly on the move like me who loves outdoors , you need to reinforce your immune system to optimize your full capacity. So this is the right product for you . I also seem to have a lot more energy when I take this. It is safe reliable and contains tons of natural ingredients that help my immune system and fighting off illnesses and keeping me healthy. There is no funky after taste, and they are pretty easy to swallow, and I haven't had any side effects during taking it and it's been almost one month . Overall a excellent IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTER..I recommend it for those who want good healthfulness, boosted immunity, bonus energy, help with losing a little weight as well...

review image review image review image

By ❤️ LeT's GeAuX TiGeRs ❤️ on July 27, 2017

These have worked extremely well for me so far! I wasn't expecting to feel this much of a difference. Of all things, my insurance company refuses to pay for a flu shot Unfortunately, the dreaded flu season is right around the corner and I want to be as prepared as I can be. I have been taking these supplements for almost a month now and I have noticed a substantial difference. Before I started taking them, I would get really sluggish at times throughout the day and my anxiety/stress levels were through the roof! I also had extreme sugar cravings and excessive hair loss. My body was definitely trying to tell me something and I wish I would have listened sooner. Now, I have more energy, I sleep much better at night, even my allergies haven't been as bad. It did take about 3-5 days before I actually noticed any real difference, which is normal for just about any long term medicine or supplements. It has to work into your system and everyone is different. However, in my experience within the first week I started to notice improvements. I love the soft gel form, it's easy to swallow and doesn't have a nasty aftertaste


By Jeanette Angle on June 17, 2017

I have been using this factor plus immune support for two weeks now. I got it because I have a very low immune system. I feel like I get sick a lot. But not in the last few weeks since I started this. I have a lot of little kids that go to school. I am constantly in and around new germs. Using This immunity supporter helps with my health and stress level.


By AC on September 29, 2017

I am someone who gets sick very easily. I found this product and started using it about a month ago as the winter months are coming, to prevent ge*ng sick. If there's someone in the house that is sick, I used to end up catching it without any question. Couple weeks ago my husband got sick and just like a miracle I didn’t catch it from him. Best Factor you are unbeatable and you deserve glowing reviews! I have been using these for a month now and have noticed significant changes. Very excited about this product and will be recommending to all of my friends who are looking to shed the weight like I am. Good quality product. This is a very good appetite suppression fat burner that is non-stimulant. It has helped me control my appetite and loose some weight. I have not had any sleep issues either as I have had with other products. Overall great.


By Angela F. on August 9, 2017

I am so excited about this product. I have sinus issues with all of this rain & hot weather down south. The first time I took this product it instantly cleared my sinuses and nasal drip. My sinus issues and itchy throat have diminished during my continuous use of Best Factor Plus! I have a natural energy boost and am not so tired all the time. My husband also takes it and its clearing up his severe sinus problems. He has gone from sneezing and sniffing constantly to breathing peacefully. My body feels rejuvenated as though it is instantly keeping me healthy and well. This product is a great immune system enhancer. I will definitely have to keep it in stock. I don't like going to the doctor much, therefore this product can naturally help me maintain a healthy body and mind.


By Shana on July 26, 2017

I am a LVN and work around so many ill people. I needed something that would boost my immune system and this was the perfect fit. I haven't been sick in about a month and its thanks to these pills. Im able to swallow down with water no problem. The best factor Plus is all natural which was another reason I wanted to buy them and try them out. They have really made a difference in my immune system. I have noticed a huge difference in my energy levels as well. Im pretty sure its these pills. They are gluten free which was another plus in drawing me in to buying them. I thought I was gonna regret spending the money and it would have been a waste but just the difference. I will be a forever customer and take this every month from now on


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Most recent customer reviews

by ✨ H A P P Y 💖 S H O P P E R ✨ ✌😊 Published 5 days ago

I've researched the clinically proven immune boosting effect of the Wellmune ingredient of this supplement.


by Mylene kabigting Published 8 days ago

flu season is coming, allergies are getting worse I keep looking for this kind of immune system booster which gives me more protection and energy, worth it :)


by Jennifer Erixton Published 8 days ago

This is just what I needed. I get sluggish and have low energy level, which makes me sickly. These have truly helped me feel better all around. I've not been so puny feeling.


by S Buena Published 10 days ago

Have been taking these for a month now and feel great. I haven't been sick at all and usually I feel bad at least once a month.


by Maddy Published 10 days ago

I've been using these for awhile since summer started and have felt a difference in my body. I haven't had any signs of the flu or cold, which I usually catch around this time of...


by Charmeg89 Published 11 days ago

I didnt buy this so my rating is just to say I find all these highly rated reviews questionable. They are so within the last 3 months! and during the summer months.


by Cody Published 21 days ago

Started taking a few weeks before school started since that's when I tend to get sick (when students are back and there are all new germs).


by Fantasy Published 23 days ago

Still taking this. I'm not sure how this product is helping me. I will let you know when I finish.


by AAA Published 23 days ago

I've been taking these for almost two months now and haven't gotten sick since! Hoping they continue to do well.


by Lena Published 24 days ago

Best factor Immunity has all the ingredients of a multivitamin in an easy to spot and easy to swallow capsule.