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BESTFACTOR NATURALLY PRIMES THE KEY IMMUNE CELLS to help you INCREASE HEALTH and WELLNESS, promotes HEALTHY ENERGY, VIGOR, MENTAL CLARITY and VITALITY in TIMES of STRESS - protects the body from infectious diseases - REDUCE FATIGUE - RELIEF ALLERGY SUFFERER - REDUCE RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS and IMPROVE ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE. BESTFACTOR PLUS is a special product, which CONTAINS INGREDIENTS like MANUKA HONEY extracted in New Zealand. Numerous studies show its ANTIBACTERIAL POWER making it unique. Manuka honey ACTS AS A NATURAL ANTIBIOTIC AS WELL AS ANTIMICROBIAL, ANTIVIRAL AND ANTIOXIDANT. BESTFACTOR PLUS also has COLOSTRUM. It is the first mammary secretion derived from mother to child, which is FULL OF IMMUNOGLOBULINS PROTEIN. Colostrum transmits the antibodies from mother to child. Through this way, with BESTFACTOR Plus, we're getting back this protection to INCREASE OUR IMMUNE RESPONSE, creating a BETTER BALANCE IN OUR HORMONAL and DIGESTIVE SYSTEM and INCREASING MUSCLE STRENGTH. Another important ingredient of BESTFACTOR PLUS is the WELLMUNE® which is a natural ingredient that is derived from a proprietary strain of yeast. Numerous HUMAN CLINICAL STUDIES with Wellmune demonstrate its ability to ALLEVIATE THE HARMFUL EFFECTS OF BOTH PHYSICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL STRESS. The Wellmune ASSIST ATHLETES EVERY STEP OF THE WAY BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER EXERCISE. By adding OTHER INGREDIENTS such as VITAMINS (C, D, E) and MINERALS(Zinc), BESTFACTOR PLUS makes a very effective supplement that COVERS A BROAD SPECTRUM, protecting and improving the health of their consumers with ONLY 2 SOFTGELS a day. SOFTGELS ARE THE BEST presentation in the market OFFERING BETTER AND FASTER ABSORPTION OF THE PRODUCT, which is made in USA facilities registered and inspected by the FDA, laboratory tested, free of artificial flavors, free of genetically modified organisms(GMO-free) and gluten free. BESTFACTOR PLUS ESTABLISHES A NEW LIFESTYLE BY PROMOTING HEALTH, PROTECTION, AND ACTIVITY.